Hi, I'm Chris Gildersleeve, a freelance graphic designer here in Jacksonville, Florida.

I've worked for years with businesses and organizations across Jacksonville to help them improve their branding and marketing, get people's attention, gain people's trust, and not be boring. If your business or organization deserves a little more personality than most, see below for some of the services I provide and contact me today!

Logos and Branding
If you're starting a new business, or if your current branding is outdated or just boring, I can help. I offer full branding packages, brand refreshes, and even simple logo designs for new businesses on a budget.
Vehicle Wrap Design
I've been designing full color vehicle wraps for Jacksonville businesses for years. If you live in Jacksonville and leave the house sometimes, you've probably seen cars, pickup trucks, tow trucks, box trucks, vans, buses, and other vehicles with my designs on them, promoting businesses to countless residents and business owners around Jacksonville.
Marketing Materials
No more generic brochures and business cards that nobody pays attention to! Let's make sure your brochures, business cards, promotional products, posters, and other marketing materials express your business' personality and hold people's attention!
Building Signs, Monument Signs, & Window Perf
I've designed custom-fabricated building signs, monument signs, and pylon signs for businesses across Jacksonville and throughout Florida, as well as full color window perfs, wall wraps, and other graphics. If you want your storefront to stand out from the rest, let's talk about your sign design.
Website Design and Screen Graphics
Start getting leads with a custom, modern, responsive website, and be certain your social media, online advertisements, and presentations all match the personality and professionalism of your brand.
While your competition reuses generic stock images, stand out with custom illustrations and graphics that help your business' unique personality shine.
Social Media Management / Ad Campaigns
Let's come up with a plan to present your business to your potential clients through social media and advertising in a way that keeps the personality of your business alive!
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